Best Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash in 2019 Reviews

Best Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash in 2019 Reviews

Just like any other pet, your little bearded dragon will surely love those short outdoor activities. Exploring the outside world with your beardie will remind him the good old days in the wild. Choosing the best bearded dragon harness and leash will allow you to control the movement of your pet.

Do you need a harness and leash for your dragon?

Well, did you know that an hour under the sun provides your bearded dragon with equal benefits as hours of terrarium light? Now you know. A walk in the garden or around the park will allow the little dragon to achieve optimum body temperature responsible for food digestion as well as other physiological functions.

A good dragon harness and leash will firmly secure your pet, and you won’t worry about him slipping away under your watch. A leash is a secure way to train your dragon to take a couple of strolls with you in the park or garden.

How to choose a bearded dragon harness and leash

Choosing the best harness and leash for your reptile pet is never and easy task especially if you’re new to pet parenting.

You should always go for a harness made of strong materials that can tightly secure your reptile pet. It should also be soft to make him feel comfortable. Additionally, go for one that’s long enough to allow a considerable distance between you and your pet.

Best Dragon Leash and Harness Reviews

I’ve made the work easier for you and reviewed the best harness for your beardie. As a pet parent, I selected fifteen products and shortlisted the finest seven harness, the best on the market today.

1. RZRZOO Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness

Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash

The RZRZOO harness comes in a variety of colors, and it’s an excellent choice for the lizard. The leash offers the maximum and safest distance between you and the pet both for safety and the enjoyment of your little dragon.

Whether you’re taking your pet out for routine evening and morning walks or weekend hikes, the durable leash made from polyester provides a good connection between you and your pet. It’s ideal for critters below 23cm chest circumference, and the leash distance is approximately 120 centimeters.

2. Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash

The Animal Pet Harness and Leash is ideal for everyday outdoor activities, walking, and pet meet-ups. It features an adjustable harness with a girth length 15-23cm and a leash that stretches up to 122cm and its 1cm wide.

Additionally, the product is equipped with a locking clip that ensures a secure and safe connection between the leash and the harness. It’s made of lightweight, soft but tough material that’s gentle to your hands and the pet.

3. T-REX Comfort Leash

The T-Rex leash and harness is ideal for a wide variety of small pets such as bearded dragons, crested geckos, water dragons iguanas, tegus, leopard geckos and so on. The soft and yet strong harness and leash guarantees smooth and comfortable walks in the park or gardens with your pet.

4. Ogle Lizard Leash

The Ogle Lizard Leash is handcrafted here in the United States and specifically designed for bearded dragons even though it can be used on other lizard pets such as geckos, small iguanas, small tegus and monitors.

Whether you’re going out in the yard or to the park, this leash is truly comfortable, and if your little pet gets sneaky, they won’t get too far thanks to its considerable length.

In order to get the right size for your dragon, first, measure its length from the nose to the tip of the tail.

  • Small size leash is ideal for reptile measuring 8-10 inches
  • Medium size leash is best for dragons measuring 12-15 inches
  • Large size for 16inches+ dragons
  • The extra large size leash is best for dragons weighing 650grams +

5. IDS Adjustable Lizard Harness Leash

If you’re an exotic pet owner, you’ll surely love this soft leather leash and harness. It’s made of very soft materials that make your small bearded dragon feel like he’s wearing a second skin and won’t cause any bruises or abrasion to your adorable pet skin.

The leash is perfect for a day out in the gardens or park, morning or evening walks. However, it might take some time before your beardie fully adjusts to the leash- so patience is the key here.

6. My Reptile Rocks Adjustable Leash

My reptile rocks leash is one of the best bearded dragon harness and leash that allows you to take your reptile pet outdoors without worrying about them sneaking away from you. It’s a great product for a wide range of sizes. The harness is easy to fit, lightweight and super comfortable

The 3ft harness is great when walking around with your dragon on the shoulder or taking them out to stores while the 6ft harness is best when letting your pet explore the surroundings without worrying about them sneaking away.

What you should and shouldn’t do as a bearded dragon owner

If this is the first time your little beardie will be out, its good to be gentle on him when dressing him. Slide the harness carefully through its front limbs and then pull it slowly over its head until it fits on its back. Now push the adjuster-its located at the ends of the harness or the back of the leash until the harness firmly rested on the pet.

Go easy on your pet and remember patience is the key. Your lizard may struggle at first, but it’ll soon adapt. To make the work even easier, you can give the pet a treat when putting harness/leash on its body.

When in public places with your pet, never let off the guard or your pet may stray away. You should also keep an eye on birds that may prey on your pet and also make sure that your pet doesn’t eat anything he sees on the ground. Littered food may contain pesticides or dangerous toxins. Lastly, take your dragon out for a walk when the temperature outside its in the same range to its natural habitat.

Final thoughts on harness and leash for dragons

I hope I’ve made the work easier for you. Your little reptile pet needs regular outdoor activities that will not only make him get health benefits from the sun but also keep him happy and strong. Interested in more of my articles? Please check out this article on the best cat foods you can feed a hedgehog.