10 Best Calming Supplement For Horses Reviews in 2019

10 Best Calming Supplement For Horses Reviews in 2019

Edgy, tensed, unfocused. Do any of these words describe your adorable horse? If the answer is yes, then a calming supplement will help your horse ease the stress and help you have more fun in the saddle. While some horses may be easily agitated by nature, there’s always something you can do to ease their situation.

Choosing the right supplement for your horse can ease things with your horse and make relieve you the anxiety of seeing your pet stressed. Some calming supplements, for example calming pellets and calming paste can make the horse feel more relaxed. In other words less stress for the horse translates to less stress to the rider as well.

Does your horse need supplement?

If for example take a ride down the park with your friends and notice that your cute horse looks for the boogey man on every corner you make, then you need to calm it down with a supplement. If your horse is always tense or gets agitated with every ride you make, it’s high time to calm it down.

Categories of horse calming supplements

Calming and behavior supplements are categorized in two classes: herbal formulas and nutrient based formulas.

Herbal calming formulas contains herbs that are rich in chamomile, valerian, and vervain to aid a balanced and relaxed temperament. Nutrient based supplements are rich in ingredients like vitamin B1 and magnesium to facilitate acceptable nervous system function. The right calming supplement can help your horse regain its confidence, stay focused and feel at ease so  that you can relax and enjoy a smooth ride.

The Best Calming Supplement For Horses Reviews

1. Silver Lining Herbs Mare Moods

If your horse acts all moody whenever you try to hop for a ride, then Mare Moods might be the formula right for your horse. It’s a herbal supplement that helps with poor haulers and ensures that your horse maintain normal disposition regardless of whether it’s in season or not. It is perfect for mares with too frequent or hard cycles.

The formula also promotes a healthy and natural hormone balance and facilitates normal heat cycles by ensuring normal hormone levels are achieved. It’s a product made here in the United States and should be ideally used for 60 days.

2. Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement

Is your horse nervous or easily excited? If that’s the case, well Formula 707 Equine will help him relax, and enhance the horse’s ability to concentrate on training and working. The formula promotes all the three processes that lead to balanced central nervous system: serotonin, nutrition, and finally relaxation.

The product is manufactured by John Ewing Company based in Colorado that has been around since 1946. Brand Trust..huh.

Some of the symptoms of low magnesium in your body include muscle tremors, nervousness, intolerance to exercise or work, and lusterless hair coat. If your horse shows these symptoms, this formula may help ease him for it contains high quality magnesium oxide blended with two compounds known to have calming effects in horses, L-tryptophan and thiamine.

3. Uckele Seroquine

Manufactured by Uckele, Seroquine is a calming formula that promises to help your horse calm and relax at the same time maintaining focus. The main ingredient includes magnesium which is known to reduce anxiousness in pets, reduce stress and promote a healthy nervous system.

The product also contains taurine which is known by the scientific community as a compound that modulates stress hormone and cortisol. The product is mainly formulated to balance stress response and recovery, and hence guarantees calmness during travels and reducing tension levels in daily routines.

4. REDMOND Daily Gold Stress Relief

Redmond is made from 100% montmorillonite clay that contains 3% sodium chloride, and 68 different minerals found in the tissues of people and animals. These minerals are the building blocks of life.

The formula helps with digestive issues. It contains molecules that bind with toxins responsible for stomach troubles in horses. It’s high pH levels helps neutralize the acid in the stomach and burn out acidic sores and ulcers. For best results, its recommended you mix blends it with wet mash so that your horse feeds every last pinch. The best part is that you can mix it with other supplements.

5. Ramard Total Calm Focus

Ramard Calm Focus is an all natural formula specifically developed to calm down your nervous horse while at the same time promoting focus. The supplement boasts powerful ingredients responsible in suppressing Cortisol an hormone known to cause stress. Cortisol is often released as a response to high intensity training/exercise or stimulus.

The supplement is rich in Magnesium and a mix of B vitamins responsible to calm down nervous horses. Additionally, this product is considered one of the safety supplements for it doesn’t contain banned substances or sedatives. You can use it for hauling, training, or even racing. You can increase the dosage to up to 2 scoops 7 days before an event to get rid of stress or discontentment in your horse.

6. SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets

Developed by SynNutra, SynChill is a horse calming pellet that promotes relaxation without the use of sedation. It is available in a daily oral dosage. It’s blended with natural ingredients to help horses that require constant coping with nervousness and anxiety.

The daily dosage ensures that the ingredients in the supplement reach the brain at concentrated levels hence promoting gradual increase in brain serotin. The formula contains L-theanine which is scientifically known to decrease anxiety by promoting hippocampus activity. It’s recommended to feed your horse, 1-2 scoops daily approximately 1-4 hours before the start of stressful events.

7. Animal Element in the Zone

Animal Element in the Zone is developed using all natural ingredients like apple cider, calcium bentonite, aloe Vera, sodium chloride, Raspberry leaf powder, tocopherols, rose hips, fenugreek, coconut oil and spirulina to calm and keep your horse focused.

It is specifically developed for young, nervous, fractious minded and hot horses. It is specifically designed to coat the horse gut and at the same time releasing nutrients to make your horse calm and focused. The broad spectrum of nutrients included promotes the horse’s health during intense activities such as training or racing.

8. H.E Equine Edge Moody MarePLUS

This supplement is specifically formulated to help ease your cranky horse. It’s contains a blend of high quality ingredients such as Chaste Tree Berry, Black Cohosh, Organic Raspberry, and Dandelion to help balance your horse temperaments. It is designed to deal with a horse’s behavioral problems. It also relaxes muscle spasms, moderate hormonal mood swings, and maintains calmness.

9. Majesty’s Kalm Plus Equine Supplement Wafers

Kalm Plus is formulated for horses that are nervous, anxious or easily distracted. If your horse is easily distracted during major events such as racing or during training, you and I know how it can be quite frustrating.

This supplement is specially formulated with Vitamin B1, Magnesium Oxide and L-Tryptophan to keep your horse active and focused in his training and competitive events. It’s available in peppermint flavored herb free wafers and supports balanced behaviors in all horse breeds.

10. Keep Cool by Silver Lining Herbs

Silver Lining Herbs Keep Cool contains herbs known as nerviness which have calming effects as well as maintain and promote normal disposition in stress or tensed horses.

You and I know that plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The herbs contained in this supplement have been powdered for consistency and achieve the concentration required for efficacy. Some of the benefits include:

  • Regulates a horse’s destructive behavior
  • Can be used to for behavioral problem management
  • Helps maintain contentment during travel, separation
  • NASC Quality seal

Calming Supplement For Horses Main ingredients

Below are some of the main ingredients you will find in the above reviewed supplements and how they help in calming down your adorable pet. They include B Vitamin, Chamomile, Valerian, Calcium and Magnesium.


Tryptophan is an amino acid and one of the common main ingredient in equine calming supplements. It’s a precursor for serotonin a compound associated with fear, aggression, and stress. Studies show that low doses of this amino acid cause mild excitement. Very high doses can cause lower red blood cell count (heamolytic anaemia) and reduce your horse’s endurance.


Studies carried in mice suggest that magnesium supplements have an anxiolytic-like and antidepressant-like- anxiety reducing effects. However the amount of magnesium administered was high and fed directly to the mice cavity. But a different study in mice results suggested that feeding magnesium deficient diet caused an increase in anxiety.

Final Thoughts on Best Calming Supplement For Horses

It’s quite clear now that tensed horses can perform to their level. If your horse is stressed or tensed,  a calming supplement is all you need. Above are some of recommended and best stress reducing supplements for horses and whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed to see some good results.

Additonally, it’s important to remember that the situation/conditions/food you give your pet horse can affect them. This means that at times, all you will need to do is to change your horse feeding or living conditions and everything will be back to normal.  Interested in my other pet parenting articles? why not learn the best substrate for ball pythons and bedding for leopard geckos.