19 Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs Reviews In 2019

19 Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs Reviews In 2019

In the past few years, hedgehogs have become one of the most popular pets. Despite those sharp spikes, pet parents want to hug them for their cuteness. Let me guess; you’ve probably adopted a hedgehog or want to own one, but you’re not sure what those adorable little creatures feed on. Well if that’s the case, worry no more. In this write-up, I’m going to highlight some of the best food and cat food for hedgehogs.

As a pet lover, a parent to two cats, three dogs, I decided to add a hedgehog to my pet family. Well, during one of my feeding sessions, I discovered that my little hedgehog loves cat food than their ideal meals. While in recent years I’ve discovered that most owners prefer feeding their little pets with their usual foods, well sometimes it’s good to feed them what their taste buds love.

Guide for Buying Food for Hedgehogs

The main diet or what hedgehogs love eating in the wild are live insects. But when in the event of limited diet, they feed on anything that comes on their way ranging from small snakes, baby mice, eggs, fish, fruits, frogs and much more. Now you see these cute pets aren’t picky eaters, a good thing for any hedgehog parent.

However, we all know that a balanced diet is vital to keep your pet healthy and happy. Below is a simple guide to help you get started.

Moist foods

It’s important to feed your little pet (hedgehog) a diet of moist foods. In this case, a canned cat or even dog food will be just fine. But it’s important to make sure that the food is high in protein and made from meat, fish or chicken depending on what your pet loves most. My little hedgy loves chicken, so I always make sure I give him a treat of canned chicken food.


Water is essential for the survival of all animals; that’s why it’s always important for you to ensure that your hedgehog has enough clean and fresh water in its cage. To ensure that the water will stay clean, you can use a water bottle stopper to avoid contamination.

Fruits and vegetables

In your pet’s meals, you should include some fruits and vegetables to change their diet of meats. You may use apples, beans, peas or carrots. Try a variety of them since your hedgehog may like others and you should not overfeed it with the fruits and the vegetables. Its diet should only consist of up to 10% of the fruits and vegetables.


Sometimes it’s good to give your pet (hedgehog) a treat between its meals. However, you should not give them more often. You can use insects like the crickets since they can turn out to be a good treat for your pet. You can also try eggs, treats, or hamburger as part of the treat. Some portions of the food you eat can also make a good treat for them.

Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs Reviews

There are several cat foods good for the hedgehogs. Many hedgehogs would prefer feeding on the cat food, but the owners still choose to feed them their food to ensure that they have a balanced diet.

Here are some cat foods that can be separated in half and would best suit the age of your hedgehog.

Cat food for under six months old hedgehogs

The following is the best cat foods that will be good for six months old hedgehogs:

· Chicken soup for the soul kitten canned food

This type of chicken soup contains vegetables which hedgehogs will love when fed in the right amounts. Each can of the kitten food is cooked and has the necessary nutrients; hence you can feed your pet as a staple food or as a supplement.

The chicken soup contains cracked pearled barley, chicken liver and chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols. It is a good source of omega-3 and six fatty acids and also has zinc and vitamin E

· Taste of the Wild High Protein Meat Dry Cat Food

The taste of the wild protein is a sea-based cat food which is good for the hedgehogs that love fish. Each pack contains a good mixture of trout, potato protein, ocean fish meal, and sweet potato. The food has several nutrients which are easily digestible with some probiotics which will keep your hedgehog healthy and strong.

The taste of wild protein does not contain grains and is good for the hedgehogs that love running. Avoid feeding your pet with grains in this ingredient as it will only fill up your hedgehog providing fewer nutrients to it.

· Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

The cat food has more nutrients that are needed by the hedgehogs than the hedgehog foods, and this is the reason why most owners will prefer feeding their pets with the cat foods. The blue buffalo cat food has a good taste and is packed with a healthy portion of protein, fats and some fiber. Each portion of the nutrients in this food is right for your hedgehog.

The blue buffalo natural cat food has oatmeal, whole ground barley, chicken meal, deboned chicken and whole grain ground brown rice.

· Halo Holistic Seafood Medley Dry Cat Food

The holistic halo seafood is good for pets that don’t like chicken, and for you to change their normal diet, then you can try this food which will suit your pet well. If you are looking for a cat food rich in finer, then this will be a good option as it contains 6.5%.

The level of the protein and fats in this food is enough for your hedgehog. The halo holistic seafood main ingredients are salmon, oats, trout, eggs pea protein and pearled barley. Since most hedgehogs love the taste of fish, you don’t have to worry as long as the protein and fats levels are right.

· Fromm Family Food for Adult Cats

Each of the Fromm pack is packed weighing 15 pounds so one can last for some time even without mixing it with other types of the hedgehog foods. The main ingredients of the Fromm Family Food are a duck, chicken meal, rice salmon meal, and pearled barley.

The pack also contains healthy nutrients essential for the health of your hedgehog. The protein content is about 325 while that of fat is 18% and this is balanced enough for your pet. It additionally contains fiber content of about 3.5%.

Cat Foods for Hedgehogs above 6 Months Old

Food fed to young and adult hedgehogs vary due to their different body needs, and that’s the reason their foods are separated.

· Purina Beyond Dry Adult Cat Food

The Purina Beyond Cat Food is the best option if you are looking for your pet’s staple food that can’t make your hedgehog obese. The food does not have unwanted or unhealthy grains such as wheat, soy or corn. However, the Dry Cat Food contains some grain of brown rice and the white chicken. The other ingredients include chicken meal, soybean meal, dried egg product, pea protein, oatmeal, whole barley and the beef fat preserved with natural liver flavor. I am sure that your hedgehog will love this product.

· Chicken Soup Canned Food for Adult Cats

Chicken Soup Food is the best choice if you don’t want your hedgehog to get be obese or if you want it to lose some weight since it contains only 9% fat. You can consider using Chicken Soup Food as your pet’s supplement or use it on its own as a meal.

You can also use this food if your hedgehog has low fiber levels. The ingredients are preserved chicken fat, chicken meal, cracked pearled barley, salmon, duck and turkey and all of them are natural and can make your pet not only healthy but also happy.

· Iams Proactive Health Adult  Dry Cat Food

The Iams Proactive Cat Food contains beet pulps and prebiotics that are helpful in the digestive system of your hedgehog. It contains chicken which is an ingredient that has enough protein for your pet. The food has a good flavor that your pet will like. The type of protein in the Iams proactive cat food is essential in your pet’s diet as it is very healthy and gives strong muscles as your pet grows. The whole pack is a 100% balanced diet that your pet will need to have good health with protein getting the highest percentage.

· Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food

For your hedgehog to stay healthy, you have to control its body weight so that it does not become overweight. The more weight your hedgehog gains, the more prone it becomes to various diseases, so it is always wise to focus on your pet’s weight once they grow fully.

The blue buffalo weight control food will make a good staple food for your pet, and it does not contain any unhealthy grains and has less fat. If you want to get cat food that is worth your money, then this is a good choice for your hedgehog. Some of its ingredients include chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, and others.

· Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Adult Dry Cat

Unlike most of the above cat foods, Blue Buffalo dry cat has high protein content. Its ingredients are whitefish meal, chicken meal, oatmeal, deboned chicken, and turkey meal making the food to have more protein. However you this food can’t be used as your pet’s staple meal since it will get obese.

This product also contains blueberries, cranberries, and carrots essential for supporting the antioxidant good for your pet’s health and strength.

Best FoodS For Hedgehogs

· Vitakraft Insect Formula Food

Vitakraft Insect Formula Food is a brand that can make your hedgehog not only healthy but also happy. The food has high protein content, and it is an insect-based formula with omega-3 and fatty acids and some flax seeds. It keeps your pet’s skin healthy and strong and also make it more active and keep their brain healthy.

· Fluker’s Dried Mealworms

Fluker’s Dried Mealworms can be a good addition in your hedgehog’s diet. The meal has many vitamins and minerals and is 100%natural and will not cause a mess in your pet’s cage. The meal comes with a shaker which keeps the worms fresh and safe for consumption by your pet. If your pet likes the Fluker’s dried mealworms, it will eat in only a few minutes.

However, you cannot use this as their meal; it is made to be used occasionally as a treat. If you feed your hedgehog too much of this meal, it can cause health problems to it.

· 8 in 1 Ultra-Blend Hedgehog Diet

This is a meal made to be food for the hedgehog suitable for all breeds and ages. The food is good for maintaining and creating your pet’s health and wellness. Therefore no matter the species or the age of your hedgehog it can feed on the Ultra Blend Diet.

The food contains some proteins and amino acids which are essential for your pet’s health. It also packed with vitamins and minerals ensuring that your hedgehog is getting all the nutrients in that single meal. You can use the Ultra Blend Diet as either a treat or its staple food.

· Spikes World Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food

Although there are a variety of hedgehog food options to buy, some stores only sell limited products. Some of these products are the dry foods which are good for your pet’s meal, however not all the food s sold are best for your hedgehog.

This type of food is partially moist and is not suitable for your young pet, but it is also good for their health. The product is a bit costly than the other products, but it is worth its price. Each pack weighs about 500 grams and you can feed your average adult hedgehog can feed around 20 grams meaning that a single package can last for about 25 days depending on how often you feed your pet.

· Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete

This is fortified, and a pellet diet blended to ensure that it meets your pet’s vitamins, fiber, amino acids, minerals, and digestive enzymes needs. The product is approved by the veterinarians and is best for the European, Asian and African hedgehogs. The meal has high meat protein content with dried mealworms and fresh grains which gives a vitamin diet that has all nutrition needed by your pet. The exotic nutrition hedgehog complete is essential for the growth, development, and reproduction of your pet.

· Spikes Delite Hedgehog diet food

This is a meal that has been made to be a source of your hedgehog’s primary nourishment. The food contains fish and chicken protein which your young hedgehog will love. Therefore you can use it as your pet’s staple food. The Spikes Delite Food will best suit a hedgehog that is in its reproductive stage.

When buying the meal for the first time, you might see it costly, but after you buy it repeatedly, you will like it since it is of high quality. The Spikes Delite Food is not only healthy but also tasty for your hedgehog, and it will be best if your pet is a picky eater.

· Sunseed Company Hedgehog Treat

best cat food for hedgehog

The Sunseed Company Hedgehog Treat is a product that can be a good treat for your hedgehog. It contains a mixture of berries and mealworms that your pet will; love to feed on. The pack also has a high protein content designed to meet the needs of the hedgehogs.

The food encourages your pet to have a natural foraging behavior. The pack also contains mealworms, strawberries, and celery which making it a tasty meal for your hedgehogs.

· Freeze-Dried Mealworms by Tasty Worms

This meal contains frozen mealworms and does not have a bad smell. The frozen mealworms contain. Fibers, fats, and proteins; therefore your hedgehog will get all the nutrients its body needs. You don’t have to add water to the meal before feeding it to your pet. Though most owners of hedgehogs prefer feeding their pets with live mealworms, the dried ones are still nutritious to the hedgehog’s diet. The advantage of this type of food is that you can keep it near the cage of your pet without feeling any smell from it.

· Exotic Nutrition Berries and Bugs

Exotic nutrition is best known for giving high-quality food for many years for different types of species. The pack is 100% natural free from flavors, colors, and any preservatives. The mixture of berries and bugs are good for all kinds of insectivorous animals.

The diet is made with berries, grains and gut-loaded larva that are good for the health of your hedgehog. The food comes with a sealable pack, and you don’t have to worry about its storage. The food is specially formulated for the sugar gliders, opossums, hedgehogs, and all birds or skunk.

How To Choose The Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs

There are several things you should consider while buying cat food for your pet (hedgehog) to ensure that you get the best. They include;

The nutrition

Food for the hedgehogs may sometimes be hard to find in the market, and that’s the reason you can use the cat food to ensure that your pet has a good diet it needs. For good results, you can prefer using the dry cat food as a portion of your pet’s diet for.

The ingredients

Many canned and dry cat foods contain several ingredients, and it is mostly recommended to use meat or chicken as your the hedgehog’s meal. This is because it has high protein content essential in the diet for the good health of your pet.

Food representation

Before buying any cat food check the information on the food representation on the box, pack or the labels to know the amount of fat, protein, and moisture in it. This is essential since it is good to provide a balanced diet for your hedgehog for it to be healthy and strong.


Even when your hedgehog is not choosy in the foods you feed it, it is important to know the ingredients used in making the food that might cause danger to the health of your pet. You should consider being keen while choosing and know the background of the product before buying it.

The instructions on feeding

Just like any other food, cat foods have feeding instructions given according to the appetite of the pet. This is the reason why you may not have to follow the instructions on the package for instance; the young hedgehogs will need a small amount of the food to get full while the adult hedgehogs will eat more. Put the food in portions and ensure that the meals are balanced with some dry vegetables and fruits.

Final Thoughts On Food For Hedgehogs

There you have it, fellow pet owners because hedgehogs aren’t “choosy” when it comes to their diets. So choosing the best diet for your pet won’t be a hassle anymore. The above-reviewed foods are rich in proteins and nutrients that will keep your pet healthy and happy.