Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

Your search for the best dog beds for golden retrievers ends here today. As a pet parent, you’ve always wanted the best for your golden retriever, and you’d want him to have the best in his life. A good bed for your dog will not only make a dog happy but will also make him healthier and provide him with a place to rest after a busy day out training or exercising. In this article, I have reviewed some of the best dog beds for golden retrievers, but before getting to that, let have a look at factors you should consider before buying a dog bed for your golden retriever.

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Choosing the best dog bed for golden retriever guide

Below are six factors that you should take into consideration prior to investing in any bed for your dog.

· Sizes

Golden retriever beds are available in different shapes and sizes. A bed for a retriever pup will be smaller than for an adult one. Unlike humans, dogs often move and often stretch in their sleep and for this reason; I would recommend you to pick one that’s relatively larger than your dog. This will allow the dog to make all sorts of movements when asleep without falling off the bed. You should also consider the amount of space available in the dog room. If the space is considerably big enough, well choosing a large bed won’t be a problem for you.

· Ease of cleaning

Dogs, even the trained ones can be quite messy. So when choosing a bed, it’s important to consider ease of cleaning, unless you’ve got all the time in the world to clean it. To keep your Golden Retriever healthy and happy, it’s recommended to keep his room tidy all through. Some pet beds are made of materials you can easily clean using a sponge or a damp cloth. Some beds are also machine washable, and others are not. If you’re a busy dog owner, I’d recommend you to pick one made of machine washable materials.

· Health factors

Does your golden retriever suffers from diseases such as joint pains or arthritis or is he allergic to certain fabric? If your dog is allergic or suffers from certain health conditions, the type of bed you choose for him should help the dog and not affect it in any way.

In case of joint pains or arthritis, choose a lowly placed bed that will help the dog get in and out of bed without much struggle. Additionally, if the dog suffers from allergies, choose a bed made from non-toxic materials.

· Thickness and ergonomics

Just like thickness matters when purchasing a mattress for your bedroom, it should also matter when selecting a bed for your retriever. The bed should provide the dog with comfort, support and warmth needed. The bed design should also fit your dog’s body.

Best Dogs Beds for Golden Retrievers Reviews

1. KOPEKS Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow

best dog beds for golden retrievers

Available in three different colors its one of the best dog beds for dogs with arthritis, muscle and joint problems. Because your golden retriever deserves the best sleep, this 7-inch thick quality grade bed will offer support and comfort your dog needs. It’s 100% orthopaedic made from high-quality hypoallergenic memory foam that not only provides support but also helps soothe muscle and joint discomfort in pooches with joint conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.

To make the cleaning process easier for you, the bed comes with two water-resistant covers that protects the memory foam mattress from messes by your dog. The anti-slip rubber bottom ensures that it doesn’t slip and also guarantee durability.

2. The Dog’s Balls Waterproof Memory Foam Bed

best dog beds for golden retrievers

The Dog’s Balls bed is available in four different color, and so you can choose one that complements your dog’s room. Just like the name suggests, this bed is made of high quality and features a waterproof inner soft plush and a soft outer suede fabric. Older retrievers can use it because it offers therapeutic comfort for muscle stiffness, arthritis pain, aching joints, hip dysplasia as it contours perfectly to offer maximum comfort to your dog.

It comes with a removable waterproof, washable cover you can wash by hand or using a washing machine set on a gentle wash cycle. Replacement covers can be found online on Amazon or from your local pet store. This product is idea for all dogs, any age but more particularly for dogs who love to laze about and frequently stretching out.

3. Laifug Orthopedic Extra Large Dog Bed

best dog beds for golden retrievers

The Laifug extra large dog bed features a double pillow design that allows your dog to take a nap in any position. Not only is the bed ideal for golden retriever but its also ideal for all dog breeds of all ages. Its equipped with a waterproof liner that will protect the memory foam mattress against all spills, odors and any other accidents. The bed measures 50” L x 36”w x 10”h and its ideal for dogs not weighing more than 200 pounds.

4. Dogbed4less Gel Cooling Bed for Pet

best dog beds for golden retrievers

Are you tired of dog beds that tear easily and hard to clean and never provide comfort to your retriever he deserves? If you want real value for your money, DogBed4Less is the perfect pick for your golden retriever. Like all the above-reviewed dog beds, it comes with a waterproof zipper cover to protect the memory foam from accidents and any spills. An outer Micro Suede zipper cover is machine washable and made of premium material for durability wash after wash.

Additionally, it is made of 100% hypoallergenic memory foam that offers support and relieves arthritics pain in dogs, and it’s also ideal for dogs with allergies. The bed measures 40″ Length X 35″ Width X 4″ Thick making it ideal for large and medium-sized dog breeds.

5. Brindle Waterproof Pet Bed

best dog beds for golden retrievers

The Brindle Pet Bed is a whopping 4-inch thick guarantying comfort and a long lasting place for your pup to nap. The 2-inch memory foam provides a customized sleep surface for your dog while the 2-inch base foam provides the much-needed support for your pet. The soft zippered cover can be hand washed and dried and can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle. The waterproof layers beneath the top cover protect the memory foam from your messy dog spills while the non-slip bottoms help keep the bed in place. The best part is that the bed can fit most generic dog crates on the market today.

Final thoughts on beds for golden retrievers

The best dog bed for golden retrievers is one that will not only offer your dog comfort and support but also last through many years of frequent use hence saving you money. Each of the reviewed bed above surpasses these factors, and they are all available in affordable prices.