Best Filtration System for 55 Gallon Aquarium

Best Filtration System for 55 Gallon Aquarium

Your search for the best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium end here today. I decided to do the legwork on your behalf and make the work easier for you. We all know that a good filtration system plays a crucial role in your aquarium setup by keeping the tank water clean and your fish happy and healthy. Choosing a good filtration system can be a daunting task, but in this article, I’m going to review the best filters for 55 gallon aquarium.

What does a 55 gallon aquarium filter do?

· Mechanical filtration

Your filter serves several requirements. First, your aquarium filter needs to get rid of the debris that gets sucked through the intake tube through a process known as Mechanical filtration. Most aquarium filters use a pad or sponge to prevent dirt from water back into the tank.

· Biological filtration

The filter you choose should be able to facilitate biological filtration. Natural bacteria present in the tank help in breaking down ammonia and other chemicals. They live on plants, in the substrate decorations and rocks and also inside the aquarium filter. Most filters on the market provide some surface to make it easier for beneficial microorganisms to take hold.

· Chemical filtration

The filter you choose should also provide chemical filtration. This involves the introduction of certain substances such as activated carbon into the aquarium system to manage the chemical wastes creates by your pets in the aquarium. This is often achieved via inserts and cartridges placed into the filter itself.

Reviews of the best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium

The filters in this write up are all HOB filters also known as hang-on-back aquarium filters. They are the most popular filters and widely available in local pet stores and online as well. While you can get advanced filter systems, these will do their job just fine.

1. Tetra whisper power filter

Tetra is one of the well-known brands in the aquarium industry, and this power filter is one of the many popular filters the company manufacturers. One of the best features I like about this filter is its quietness. While it’s true no truly silent filter exists, with this, you’ll only hear a slight gurgle, so gentle that it won’t wake a sleeping baby.

The cartridge filtration system and comes with three filters in one through the Tetra’s Bio-Bag. These are easy to use for most aquariums hobbyists. Additionally, you can get the extra bio bags in replacement packs as well. They are affordable, and when one gets dirty, you only need to replace it with a new one.

2. Marineland penguin multi-stage filtration

All Marineland Penguin filters use the cartridge system as well. However, the cartridge system comes with a little tuning. Like the Tetra filter above, the above disposable and replaceable filter cartridges called Rite-Size Cartridge. They are cheap and easy to replace making them ideal for any casual aquarium hobbyist.

Its unique design incorporates a water wheel the company refers to as the BIO-Wheel that serves a unique function apart from making the aquarium look really cool. The bio-wheel provides a habitat for healthy microorganisms to colonize. The microorganisms take care of any chemical residuals present in the aquarium after the filtration process. The bio-wheel is a nice addition that makes the aquarium look pretty nice and stand out from other standard aquarium filters.

3. Aqua clear fish tank filter

best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium

Unlike the two aquarium filters above, the Aqua Clear Fish Tank Filter doesn’t use a cartridge but instead uses a basket where you can place any filter material you like. The unit comes with a sponge to aid in mechanical filtration, a BioMax insert for biological filtrate and activated carbon for chemical filtration. The replacements for all these filtration systems are readily available either in local stores or online.

In the past couple of months, I’ve tried using this filter on my tanks, and I was satisfied with how they served their purpose. With artificial plants, I normally use all the three filters inserts but for real plants, but in larger tanks, I use a filter and two sponge inserts.

4. Fluval c power filter

best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium

The Fluval C Power can filter approximately 264 gallons of water per hour making it one of the best filtration systems for 55 gallon aquarium. It is rated 40-70 gallons and works perfectly for a 50, 55 or 60-gallon fish tank.

It boasts a 5 stage filtration system. The mechanical filtration is achieved through a large poly/foam pad that performs two stages of mechanical filtration. The first stage involves the trapping of large particles while the second stage involves trapping fine debris.

The Fluval C power filter is available in three different models. They include the Fluval C2, Fluval C3 and Fluval C4 each designed for fish tanks with varying capacities of water. So be sure to check out the model that suits your fish tank needs.

5. Penn Plax Cascade Canister filter

best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium

The Penn Plax filter can filter 185 gallons per hour and can only be used for fish tanks up to 65 gallons and can work well for 55/50/60/65 gallons aquarium. the large trays can accommodate more filter media for effective three-stage filtration to keep the fish tank water clean.

Upon purchase, included in the package is a tubing, spray bar, and a directional spout to allow for full customization. The installation process will take you approximately 30 minutes thanks to the detailed and clear instructions manual.

Final thoughts on the best filtration system for 55 gallon aquarium

Choosing the right fish tank filter for your aquarium is the first and important step in making sure that the tank water is safe for your fish. But besides a fish tank, there are some other things you can do along the way to improve the quality of fish tank water other than relying on the fish tank filter.

Some proactive steps you can take include a weekly partial water change. Try removing 30% of the tank water and replace it with clean, fresh water. This will help dilute any harmful chemicals in the water. Additionally, perform monthly deep cleanings to combat algae. You can also include live plants to help suck any harmful chemicals.