Best Senior Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Best Senior Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Just like human needs change as we get old, so does a horse needs. As your horse gets old, certain things will change as well. The horse will need extra blankets during the winter; he’ll exercise less often and so much more. Other problems associated with old age in horses include weight loss. In order to keep your horse’s weight in check, you will need to feed him a good diet. In this article, I have compiled some of the best senior horse feed for weight gain.

How to choose the best senior horse feed for weight gain

Young horses have different nutritional requirements compared to older horses commonly referred to as senior horses. When choosing a feed for specifically for weight gain, there are some key factors you should take into consideration. They include:

1. Ease of digestion

Older horses require feed that’s highly digestible, easy to chew and with high contents of fiber and important nutrients. These types of horse feeds are packaged pelleted and in most cases soaked in water to create a blend for easy consumption by your horse.

2. Nutritional contents

All senior horse feeds are designed to meet specific nutritional requirements. In this case, you need a feed or supplement that will help your horse gain some pounds in the long run. Therefore before buying considers feeds that have high fat/calories contents. When your horse eats more calories than needed, the surplus will be stored as body fat hence contributing to weight gain. The feeds I’ve reviewed below contain the desired nutrients for weight gain and another blend of nutrients to help improve your horse coats and overall performance.

Best senior horse feed for weight gain reviews

Horses are considered seniors from the age of 18 years, but it’s important to note that each horse ages differently just like humans. You may have a 26-year-old who looks fits like a cold and a 16-year-old who looks 29. Below horse feeds are ideally designed for senior horses weight gain.

1. Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

The Manna Pro Weight Accelerator is a rather weight gain supplement designed to meet the special needs of senior horses. It’s one of the best senior horse feed for weight gain providing your horse with desired calories much need for gaining weight and overall strong body condition. Other added nutrients include Vitamins, Omega-3s, Probiotics much needed by horses in their old age for optimum body functioning.

The essential antioxidants and vitamins included in this supplement help in maintaining a healthy immune system; Omega-3s promotes healthy skin while the probiotics promote proper food digestion. The feed also contains 80% dry vegetable fat (high calories) for weight gain.

2. Purina Amplify Animal Nutrition

If you truly want your senior horse to “revive” its youthful days and become active even in its old age, then Purina Animal Nutrition should help you achieve that. Purina is one of the popular brands on the market today known for its high-quality premium horse feeds.

Aged horses, unlike young horses, need an extra amount of calories in their body to gain weight. You only need to add a dose of Purina amplify supplement in your senior horse daily feed for smoother skin and weight gain thanks to the added antioxidants such as Vitamin E that improve its skin texture. Other important nutrients include proteins, fat and vitamins that not only promote weight gain but also help your horse regain strength. The minimum recommended dose is 1 pound while the maximum dose should not exceed 4 pounds per day. Store the feed in a cool and dry area where rodents can’t access the feed.

3. Horse Guard Flix Flax Treats for Horses

Did you know that some treats will actually help your senior horse gain weight? Imagine feeding your horse a treat when you take him out for exercise, and before you know it, he’s already gained a couple of pounds in no time.

Flix Flax horse treats by Horse Guard is a bite-size healthy and nutritious treat specially designed for senior horses or any other horse that suffer from arthritis and joint stiffness. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and omega 3’s that promote healthy and shiny coats.

The treats contain Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s fatty acids which are important components in your horse’s diet.  A proper balance of these fatty acids is important for the overall health of your horse.

4. Horse Guard Super Weight Gain

As the name suggests, this senior horse feed is designed for weight gain and its one of the best horse feed for weight gain. It contains three supplements in one package that will help make a huge difference in your senior horse. First, the horse feed contains full-fat soybeans for weight gain, energy and improved coat condition. This supplement also contains complete pro/prebiotic supplement to enhance the functioning of your senior horse digestion system. It also contains vitamin and minerals to enhance the overall horse health and immune system. The best part is that you can use this supplement for both young and senior horses that have undergone a series of events or stress causing weight reduction.

5. Manna Pro Senior Equine Supplement

The manor pro-senior equine supplement is designed for both high performance and senior horses. The supplement contains extruded pellets with high concentrations of nutrients for joint health (a common health problem in active horses and senior horses) and aids the digestive system. The product contains a blend of CoolStance Coconut Meal, High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, Ground Peas and Flax which provides a controlled dose of starch (15%). The supplement is specifically designed to be used with roughage and little additional grain.

Final thoughts on best senior horse feed for weight gain

Choosing the best senior horse feed for weight gain doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore. The key factors to consider in this case are the ease of digestion and nutritional contents.

Sometimes quality forage is all you need to help your aged horse gain weight because its the foundation of all horses nutritional programs. Forages enables you to compensate for whatever nutrients your senior equine may be missing from his daily feed.  Interested in more of my artices? Read this 10 calming supplements for horses to calm an anxious horse.